Handmade artisan soaps in Morden

If you are looking for traditional handmade soaps and massage oils in Morden, then you have come to the right place. Contact me for more details.
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All-natural handmade soaps

Feel fresh and relaxed every time you take a shower with my natural, cold process soaps. At Blends For Happiness, my goal is to provide safe and pure body products for all my customers. I am very particular about the ingredients i use in all my products. I avoid using preservatives, hard chemicals or any kind of artificial colours. To find out more about my products, give me a call.

Bespoke Service

With years of experience in the Aromatherapy field, I have gained a solid reputation for understanding my clients needs and recommending products that cater to their exact requirements. Whether you are looking for soap for dry skin or need an aromatherapeutic massage oil, I have everything you need to relax your body and feel fresh. Call me for more information.

Blend For Happiness

At Blends For Happiness, I am dedicated to artisan products. I also have in-depth knowledge of every ingredient and specialise in using the right blends in every products. Feel free to call me and discuss your requirements  in detail.
customized soaps

Any Occasion:

I provide my services to clients living in Morden and the surrounding areas.
For high-quality artisan soaps in Morden, contact me on 
07342 042 156
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